Surveys for Money: How to Find the Highest Paid Surveys

Have you been looking for a way to make extra money and heard about taking surveys for money? It can be difficult to know which paid survey sites are legit, and which surveys are worth your time, but Opinions For Cash will walk you through the best way to find and make money with surveys.

We’ll provide you with valuable insights on how to navigate through the sea of options available. Opinions For Cash, a trusted industry leader, will tell you how to maximize your earning potential and find paid surveys that are worth taking.

What Surveys Are Available?

Many paid survey sites offer low-paid opportunities, where you might spend 20-30 minutes filling out a survey, but only make somewhere between $.50 to $5.

Opinions for Cash offers higher-paying opportunities. The surveys are usually part of more in-depth studies, but don’t necessarily take more time. However they often pay anywhere from $75 to $250, or even more. Depending on the study, these surveys can take place online or in person.

We recently offered an in-person study that was simply a 30 minute survey about cell phone usage. This survey paid out $75. Other surveys are a little more involved—requiring you to try products or apparel first—but also pay more. Sometimes your survey will be followed up with a one-on-one interview.

As a trusted market research recruitment company, Opinions For Cash finds people who are the right fit for each survey and arranges for you to take those surveys.

How to Find Paid Surveys

The best way to find our high-paying surveys is to follow us on Facebook. We announce all new surveys there as soon as they become available.

You can also check the list of surveys on our website. It’s updated regularly with new studies, surveys, focus groups, and other opportunities.

If you register on our website, you can also receive emails when a survey is a match for you. Sign up today so you don’t miss future opportunities.

How to Sign Up for Surveys

Opinions For Cash makes getting paid to take surveys as straightforward as possible. From creating your profile, to participating and getting paid, let’s take a look at each of the steps below so you can start earning cash.

Create Your Profile

The first step is to create your profile. We’ve made signing up simple! Visit our website,, and complete our participant registration form.

Provide your contact information, demographics, and areas of interest. The more information you provide, the easier it is to find surveys. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be added to our database and notified when you’re a match for new survey opportunities.

No specific qualifications are required to participate in our research studies. We value diverse perspectives from individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.

Get Matched with Paid Surveys

When paid surveys come up, we match your demographic details and interests to specific criteria provided by our clients. While we attempt to match participants with suitable studies, not everyone may be selected for every opportunity due to a limited number of spots available.

However, new survey opportunities become available on a regular basis. If you remain active in our database, we’ll be able to contact you for new chances to participate.

Take Surveys

Each survey may have different requirements and objectives. You may be asked to complete online surveys about new products or services, or visit a location near you to fill out a survey.

You will always receive detailed instructions and expectations beforehand. Your participation may involve sharing opinions, providing feedback, or completing assigned tasks related to the study. Some studies are online, while others may be conducted in person.

Get Paid

After participating in a survey, we ensure that you receive fair compensation for your time and feedback. Your opinions are valuable!

Payment procedures may vary depending on the study and our payment policies. Typically, you’ll receive payment via cash, check, or Visa gift card. You will receive details regarding payment either before or after your participation.

Paid Focus Groups and Other Opportunities

In addition to offering paid surveys, we also offer paid focus groups as a great way for you to make your voice heard while getting paid.

Focus groups offer an interactive environment where participants engage in in-depth discussions, allowing for a deeper exploration of specific topics or products. These sessions provide a platform for participants to express their opinions, share their experiences, and contribute to shaping the direction of various industries.

These sessions often involve small groups of carefully selected participants who share common characteristics or interests, fostering a collaborative and stimulating atmosphere for meaningful dialogue.

As a participant in our paid focus groups, you will not only have the opportunity to influence decision-making processes but also be rewarded for your valuable contributions. We understand that your time and insights are valuable, and we ensure that your participation is well compensated.

Whether you’re interested in sharing your opinions through surveys or engaging in dynamic discussions within focus groups, Opinions For Cash is committed to providing you with the best opportunities to make a difference while earning cash incentives. Join us today and help shape industries, brands, and products with your valuable insights.

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