Get Paid for Focus Groups

Being part of a focus group gives you a chance to share your experiences and opinions on services, products, or ideas, while also earning extra money. At Opinions For Cash, you can get paid to be part of a focus group.

Online Focus Groups
You can get paid to participate in focus groups right from the comfort of your own home. Opinions For Cash offers online focus group interviews, where you have the opportunity to talk about products and services you’ve used or give your opinions on other topics.
In-Person Focus Groups
In-person focus groups are a great way to meet others who share your interest or other similarities. Opinions For Cash offers these focus groups, so you can play a valuable role in providing feedback on ideas, products, and services, while making money.

Why Participate in Focus Groups for Money?

Joining a focus group means that you get to be part of a team that offers insightful feedback to market researchers. From products and product ideas to current events and other topics, you can provide helpful opinions in a group of peers. You’ll also be earning extra money for your participation.

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Once you fill out your details, our recruiters can reach out and determine your availability and suitability for a focus group to get paid for your opinion.


Participate In A Focus Group

Being chosen for a focus group means you’re on your way to getting paid for your opinions. Whether you participate in an online or in-person focus group, your feedback is highly important to our market researchers.

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Get Paid For Your Opinion Online


Get Paid

Opinions For Cash provides an easy way to get paid for your thoughts and opinions on different topics. When you take part in a focus group, you can expect to get paid for your time and effort.

What Our Participants Have to Say About Us

If you’re not sure whether taking paid surveys and participating in focus groups is right for you, take a look at what some of our happy participants are saying about working with us. We make it easy to earn rewards for your opinions—get paid for surveys and studies by signing up today.

Get Paid to Be in a Focus Group

If you’re ready to join a focus group online or in-person, sign up with Opinions For Cash today. Complete your profile, so our recruiters can match you with the right focus groups.


Still have questions about paid online focus groups? Our FAQs will give you all the details on taking surveys, participating in studies, and being a part of focus groups for new products and services. Companies need your opinions, and you’ll be compensated for your time.

How can I find focus groups that pay?

First, register with Opinions For Cash, a reputable market research recruitment company. Next, browse our list of Ongoing Studies where we post open opportunities. Finally, stay active on our Facebook page as we regularly post new focus group opportunities there.

How are participants selected for focus groups?

Participants are selected based on specific criteria set by the research study, such as demographics, interests, or experiences related to the research topic. Matching these criteria increases your chances of being chosen.

Can I participate in focus groups online?

Yes, we regularly offer online focus groups as part of our ongoing studies. You can participate from the comfort of your own home or other location, provided you have the necessary technology requirements and a stable internet connection.

What happens during a focus group session?

Focus group sessions involve open discussions among a small group of participants, led by a facilitator. Participants share their opinions, thoughts, and experiences on a specific topic or product, often while providing feedback on prototypes or concepts.