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When you take online surveys for money, you will receive compensation as an incentive to share your valuable insights and opinions. Our online surveys are often one component in a larger study and can be the highest paying online surveys.

Our Ongoing Surveys



Adult Incontinence

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. After you fill out this form you will receive an email with a link to a survey. If you meet the qualifications for the study, our research partner will reach out to you to schedule you for the...





Male Grooming Study 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. After you fill out this form you will receive an email with a link to a survey. If you meet the qualifications for the study, our research partner will reach out to you to schedule you for the...





Fitness Watch Study

Active adults over the age of 18 are needed for an upcoming study about fitness tracking bands and smartwatches. Researchers will be hosting multiple online interviews from December 4th through January 8th. The interview will last approximately 1 hour. Qualified participants who are signed up for this study must...





Walking Shoes

Females over the age of 16 are needed for an online research study regarding walking shoes. For this study we are looking for females who enjoy hot girl walks to participate in a 2 hour online study. This is a 2 part study, and you must complete both phases...





Outdoor Appliance Study 

Adults over the age of 22 who love the outdoors are needed for an upcoming online focus group. This focus group will give participants the opportunity to discuss and share their opinions on different outdoor activities and appliances they may have at their homes. Focus groups are being held...



0nline surveys

Online paid surveys offer a way to make money right from home, or anywhere you roam. You can get paid to take surveys on your computer, your favorite coffee shop, or even the beach during your vacation.

In-person surveys

Surveys can also take place in person. These are sometimes part of a focus group, where you get together with a few other selected candidates and talk about a product or service to provide feedback to a company.

Telephone surveys

Use your phone to take surveys for money. Telephone surveys are used by many companies conducting market research. Your opinion can help develop products, and bring you some extra cash.

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The best thing about surveys, studies, and focus groups is that they’re easy and interesting, while helping you make some extra money. Companies look for all kinds of people, depending on their specific needs, and plenty of them want opinions from someone just like you.


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Still have questions? Our FAQs will give you all the details on taking surveys, participating in studies, and being a part of focus groups for new products and services. Companies need your opinions, and you’ll be compensated for your time.
How much can I earn from participating in online surveys?
Earnings vary based on survey length and complexity. Typically, our surveys pay anywhere from $75 to $150 or more. Compensation amounts are included in the study descriptions on our Ongoing Studies page.
How often will I receive survey invitations?
The frequency of survey invitations depends on your profile and the surveys we receive from brands and companies. Regularly updating your profile can increase your chances of receiving more invitations.
Can I participate in online surveys on a mobile device?
Yes, many of the surveys we offer include mobile-friendly access, making it convenient to participate in surveys on smartphones or tablets.