Women’s Clothing- LA, CHI, NYC






Shopping Activity + Online Interview


07/17 - 08/06


90 Minutes



We are currently looking for women living in Los Angeles, Chicago or NYC who would be interested in participating in an upcoming online study about women’s clothing. This particular study will require participants to complete three tasks. First, we will ask you to purchase (in a physical store or online) two articles of clothing that we will have determined. You will need to wear both and then complete a brief survey on each during the week of July 17th. We will reimburse you for this purchase, up to $250. Next, we will send you a similar article of clothing and have you wear this item and complete another short survey during the week of July 24th. Finally we would need you to participate in a 60-minute webcam interview on Zoom. Zoom interviews are taking place between July 28th and August 6th. After completing all three parts of this study, you will receive a $250 digital gift card for your time and opinions and you will get to keep all articles of clothing, including the one sent to you.