Women’s Athleisure Research – Los Angeles






Online Platform & Shopping Trip + Follow Up Shop Along


10/12 - 10/17




3.5 hours


$150 - $350

Women living in Los Angeles are needed for participation in an upcoming 2 phase research study. This is a hybrid study that will involve participants to complete an online board as well as a potential in person shop along. First, we would need you to participate in an online community platform that will be open for one week, starting on Thursday, October 12, 2023 and closing on Monday, October 16, 2023. You will be asked to complete 3 days’ worth of tasks over the course of these five days, each of the 3 days will require around ~30 minutes of your participation for a total of 90-minutes. During this time, we will also be asking you to go to a store and purchase an item for yourself for which we will reimburse you. These activities will have easy-to- follow instructions and may include written responses, photo uploads and recording and uploading short video clips of yourself answering questions. Those who complete the full online board will receive $150 for their time.

At the conclusion of the online community platform, we will be selecting several respondents that do particularly well to participate in follow-up in-person interviews in stores near you. These in-store interviews would be 2 hours in length. Those who complete the in store shopping interview will receive an additional $200 for their time and opinions.