Transportation Study


Current and future car owners


Online Board + Follow Up In Home Interview


09/19 - 11/03




3 hours


$250 - $550

Current and future car owners are needed for participation in an upcoming online research study. This is a two part study with the first part being an online community and the second being an in home interview. For the first phase, qualified participants will have to complete a 5 day online board. During this online board you may be asked to answer questions or upload pictures and videos. The online activities open up on September 19th and must be completed by September 28th in order to receive $250 incentive. Select participants who complete the online board will be given the opportunity to participate in the follow up in home interview. During this 3 hour interview, researchers will come to your home and ask a variety of questions or have you complete activities. Those who are selected and participate in the in-home interview will receive an additional $300 for their time and opinions.