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8:00 AM


All Day



St. Louis residents 18 and older are needed for an upcoming in person research study. This is an all day study starting at 8am on November 8th. In order to qualify you must be available to participate for the duration of the study. Multiple breaks will be given throughout the day, however it is important that participants are fully engaged during their sessions. Payment may be reduced or withheld by project staff if you return late from a break or are observed not giving your undivided attention to a session. You may be asked to complete online surveys on your phone or tablet throughout the day during your in person session. Qualified participants who attend and are engaged for the duration of this in person study will receive $300 for their time. Select participants who arrive at the facility early will be entered into an early bird raffle. Winners of the raffle will receive an additional $50.

If at any point before, during, or after the study it is determined that you do not qualify, you may be released from the study without pay.