Social Media Study – LA


Teens and Adults


Online OR In Person Focus Group 


10/30 - 11/01




90 minutes OR 2 hours



Teens and adults living in Los Angeles are needed for participation in an upcoming research study about social media. For this study we are looking for people who are consumers of social media and people who are creators on social media. If you qualify as a consumer, you would be expected to complete a 2 day online study. The first day involves completing a 30 minute online activity followed by a 90 minute online group discussion on the second day. Those who qualify as creators would be expected to complete a 2 day study as well. The first day involves completing an online activity and the second day involves participating in a 90 minute IN PERSON group discussion. Participants have the chance to earn up to $300 for completing this study. Your recruiter will specify which group and incentive amount you qualify for during the screening process. The Incentive amount may vary.