Retail Study- Hispanic Adults


Hispanic Adults




Online Diary/Shopping Mission + Follow Up Interview


08/08 - 08/18




Up to 3hrs


$150 - $250

We are currently looking for Hispanic adults nationwide to participate in an upcoming online research study. This study will take place in 2 different phases. Phase 1 consists of completing a “shopping mission” where you will capture aspects of your experience. Following the shopping mission you must complete a 2 day online journal about your shopping experience on a laptop or desktop computer. Each days activities will last approximately 45 minutes and you will receive $150 for completing this phase. The online journal will take place between August 8th and 11th. Select respondents will be chosen to complete the online follow up interview. This will be a 60 minute interview taking place between August 14th and 18th. Those who complete this follow up will receive an additional $100 as a thank you for your time and opinions. All incentives are sent via a digital gift card. If at any point before or during the study it is determined that you don’t qualify, you could be dismissed from the study without payment.