Online Bank Study – Dallas & Chicago


Adults and Students 18+


Online board + follow up in home interview


08/14 - 09/15




Up to 3 hours


$175 - $375

We are looking for adults over the age of 25 and students between 18 and 24 living in either Dallas or Chicago to take part in an online bank study. For this study, participants will be required to complete a 5 day online discussion board. These discussion boards will be live August 14 to 20, and will require about 25 minutes each day to complete. Those who complete this board will receive $175 as a thank you for your time and opinions. Select participants will be given the opportunity to complete a follow up in home interview. This interview will take place between September 5th and 15th and will last approximately 1 hour. An additional incentive of $200 is being offered to those who complete the in-home interview.