Mobile Shopping Study


Adults 18+


Online board + Follow Up Interview


11/16 - 11/30







Avid shoppers over the age of 18 are currently needed for an online study regarding mobile shopping habits. For this research, you would be participating in a study that has 2 possible phases; you would need to participate in BOTH phases, if you are selected for both. For Phase 1, you would be participating in a 10-day online market research community. In order to participate in this online community, you will need to log into an online platform each day. On the first day, you will complete a longer activity requiring approximately 30 minutes’ time commitment, and on the remaining days you will log in each day for shorter activities like sharing screen shots. These shorter activities will require about 5-10 minutes’ time commitment each, although you may choose to do more than one activity per day if you have more to share. These 10 days will include weekend days, but your activities over the weekend will be the shorter activities. All assignments will have easy-to-follow instructions; assignments will include written responses, photo uploads and recording and may require uploading short video clips of yourself answering questions. For completing this 10 day online board you will receive $200 for your time.

For Phase 2, we will be inviting select participants to participate in a 60-minute one-on-one video interview, which would take place online on a platform similar to Zoom. If you are selected, you will need to complete a quick tech check within 48 hours in order to participate. This will entail recording a 15-second video on the computer you will be using for the study, in the location where you will be for the interview. You MUST complete the tech check in order to participate in the study. You would be paid $150 for completing the interview, which includes $15 for completing the tech check.