Immunity & Health








06/26 - 07/10


3 Hours


$100 - $150

We are currently looking for adults over the age of 18 to participate in an upcoming research study. This is a 2 phase study in which all participants must be available to partake in both phases in order to qualify. The first part of this study will consist of a 4 day online community which begins on June 26th. In order to participate in this online platform, you will need to log in to the online community and complete 45 minutes worth of activities on each of the four days. All activities will be available in the morning each day and you will have the full day to complete them. These activities will have easy-to-follow instructions and may include written responses, photo uploads and recording and uploading short video clips of yourself answering questions. If completed on time, you will receive a $150 digital gift card. As a follow up to the online community, you may be asked to participate in a 1 hour webcam interview to discuss some of your opinions, attitudes, and behaviors in the vitamin and supplements category in more detail and will receive an additional $100 for your time and opinions.