Iced Drink Study


Teens 13 - 17


Online Focus Group




3:45 or 5:45pm EST


1 hour 45 minutes



We are currently looking for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old to participate in an upcoming online research study about iced drinks. This is a completely online study where your teen would be required to participate in a 1 hour and 45 minute zoom focus group with other kids around their age. They must be comfortable speaking in a group discussion and expressing their thoughts and opinions. Groups are taking place on December 14th at either 3:45 or 5:45pm EST. Qualified teens who complete this study will receive $150 via PayPal for their time and opinions. If at any point it is determined they do not qualify, they may be dismissed from the study without pay.

Please have your teen fill out the last page of this form, if they are unable to please fill it out for them to the best of your ability. During the screening call a recruiter will have to speak to your teen in order to verify that they qualify.