Home Technology Study 


Consumers and Professionals


Online Interview


03/12 - 03/22




60 minutes



We are currently looking for adults who are interested in new home technology to participate in an upcoming online research study. For this study, we are looking for a variety of people who may or may not own different home technology products for their home. Researchers will be hosting multiple online interviews between March 12th and 21st at various times throughout the day. Each interview will last approximately 60 minutes. Additionally, we are looking for home improvement professionals (plumbers, contractors, etc) to participate in this study as well. If you are applying as a professional, we will be validating your occupation. This could mean providing a license number or photos. If at any point it is determined that someone does not qualify or has been untruthful with their responses, they will be dismissed from the study without pay. Qualified participants who complete this study will receive $200 for their time and opinions.