Grocery Shopping Habits – LA, Orlando & Houston


LA, Orlando, or Houston Residents


In Home Interview + Shopping Task


02/29 - 03/21




75 minutes



Los Angeles, Orlando and Houston residents over the age of 18 are needed for an upcoming in person research study about grocery shopping habits. This study is taking place in person from February 29th through March 21st. During the screening process, your recruiter will specify the dates in which the study will take place in your city.

For this research, you would be participating in a 60 minute in-person interview, which would take place in your home during the week of (date depending on market, see above). The research team would include a moderator and possibly (2-5) additional researchers. The entire interview would be video recorded and would be for research purposes only.  After the 60-minutes, we will travel separately to a store in your area, where we’ll stay for 15 minutes. The research team will include a moderator and up to 2-3 additional researchers. The interview will be audio recorded and the research team may also take still photos; all recordings and photos will be used for research purposes only.

Qualified participants who complete this interview will receive $300 for their time and opinions. All payments are sent via a digital card. If at any point it is determined that you do not qualify, you may be dismissed from the study without pay.