General Opinions – Friendship Pairs


Adult Friends 18 - 55


Online Interview


05/21 - 05/23




90 minutes



We are currently looking for adults over the age of 18 to participate in an upcoming online research study. In order to participate in this study, you must have a qualified friend who is able to partake in the interview with you. Both of you will be required to attend and engage in a 90 minute zoom interview. Interviews are taking place between May 21st and 23rd at various times throughout the day. Qualified friendship pairs who complete this study will each receive $150 for their time and opinions.

Please note: You must have a qualified friend who is able to participate with you. If we are unable to reach your friend to screen them, or if one of you does not show up to the interview, neither of you will be paid for the study. If at any point it is determined that either of you do not qualify, you will both be dismissed from the study without pay.