Financial Decisions Study- Charlotte & Chicago


In Home Interviews


10/02 - 10/16


Upto 4 hours


$200 - $450

We are currently looking for people who have help with financial decisions or help an elderly family member with financial decisions to participate in an upcoming study. For this study, there will be in-home interviews held with you and said family member where you will be asked about financial management. No personal information will be asked for and we will not try to sell you anything. We simply want your thoughts and opinions on financial management for you and the person helping with finances. There are two different types of in-home interviews taking place. The first type of interview will last 1.5 hours long and will be held at home. You may be asked to complete a brief pre assignment which will take at most, 30 minutes. Those who complete these interviews will receive $200 for their time.

The second kind of in-home interview is a 4 hour interview. The interview will take place in your home and will last approximately 4 -hours. The purpose of the interview is to better understand your needs for financial management. We may ask to see how you organize your finances. A specialized researcher would join you and the person who helps with finances, on an average day and would video record your time together. The video recording is used for internal, research purpose only, and would not be made public. The visit is meant to be conversational and casual; feel free to carry on your day as usual, including running errands, taking walks, managing finances, or other activities you typically engage in, and the researcher would talk with you about your experience with financial issues and financial products throughout your time together. Think about it as a video of a day in your life. Those who complete this ethnography will receive $450 for your time.