Camping Study


Campers 18+


Online Community + Follow Up Interview


10/11 - 10/25




3 hours


$125 - $375

Avid campers are needed for participation in an upcoming online research study about camping and outdoor gear. This is a 2 part study with the first part being an online community and the second being a follow up interview. This study will involve your participation in an online community which involves 4-days of activities over an 8-day period between October 11th and 18th. On each of the 4 days you decide to log-on, you will need to complete 45 minutes’ worth of activities. These will have easy-to-follow instructions and include written responses, photo uploads and recording and uploading short video clips of yourself answering questions. At some point during the study (and during a time that’s convenient for you), you will be asked to visit a local outdoors / sporting goods retailer near your home. No purchase is required during your visit, you’ll only be asked for your opinions on the products you see at the store. For completing this phase you will receive $250 via a digital payment. 

Select respondents will be chosen to complete a 90 minute follow up interview. These interviews are taking place the week of October 23rd. You will earn an additional $125 if you are chosen for and complete this interview. If at any point before or during the study it is determined you do not qualify, you may be dismissed without pay. 

We will also be looking for people to participate in small group discussions. If chosen for this group, you may be asked to have a friend or family member participate with you. These groups are taking place October 30th through November 3rd and will last 90 minutes. Qualified participants who complete this part of the study will receive $125 each.