Beer Drinkers – Arizona, New Mexico and Texas


Residents of AZ, NM and TX


Online Blog + Follow Up Interview


11/07 - 11/10




2.5 hours



Adults over the age of 21 who live in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are needed for an upcoming online study about beer and alcohol. This is a 2 part study and in order to qualify as a participant, you must be available for both phases. For the first part of the study, participants will be required to complete a 3 day online blography about various alcohol products. There will be a total of 6 activities that must be completed between November 7th and 10th and these activities will include text, photo and video clip responses. The online blog will require approximately 2.5 hours of your time in total to complete. Those who complete the first phase blog will receive $200 for their time. All activities must be completed in order to receive the incentive and if at any point it is determined that you do not qualify, you may be dismissed from the study without pay.

Select participants will be chosen to complete the 2nd phase which is a 75 minute online interview. You must be available, if chosen, to do this follow up interview in order to qualify for this study. Those who complete the follow up interview will receive an additional $125 via digital payment for their time and opinions.