Beauty Products Study


Adults 18+


Online Focus Groups + Follow Up Online Board


08/28 - 09/15




2 hours



We are conducting a unique online research study and are currently looking for younger and older adults of all genders to participate. For this study, you will either be chosen to participate in an online interview with an intergenerational family member (I.e grandmother & grand-daughter, mother & a son, auntie & niece) or individually in a focus group. These focus groups will take place on either August 28th or 30th at various times. During the screening process your recruiter will specify which group you qualify for. Groups will last approximately 2 hours and those who complete will receive $200 as a thank you for your time and opinions. Select participants from the focus groups will be given the opportunity to complete the follow up online board. Those who complete this will earn an additional $150. If at any point before or during the study it is determined that you don’t qualify , you will be dismissed without pay.