Asian Cuisine Study- LA & NYC


Adults 30yrs +


Online Homework + In Home Interview


08/21 - 08/31


Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY


Up to 4 Hours


$75 - $250

Home chefs in LA or NYC who love Asian cuisine are needed for an upcoming hybrid research study. As mentioned, this is a hybrid study which includes an online homework assignment as well as an in-home interview. More specifically, our study will involve your active participation in an online platform community for approximately 1 hour of your time total over the course of 2 days. The online diary is scheduled to take place between August 21st and 22nd. Those who complete this assignment will receive $75 for their time. Select qualified participants will be given the opportunity to participate in a 3 hour in-home interview. 2-3 members of our research team will come to your home to interview you. During this interview we will also go with you to a nearby store to do some shopping. We will continue our interview as we walk the store shelves with you. Those who complete this interview will receive an additional $250 for completing.

Please note: In order to qualify, you must be able to send in various pictures which will be specified for you during the screening process. You cannot be confirmed for this study until those pictures have been received. If at any point before or during the study it is determined you don’t qualify, you may be released from the study without pa