Alcohol Consumers Research


Alcohol Enthusiasts 25 - 40


Online Focus Group


11/28 - 11/30




90 minutes



We are actively looking for alcohol enthusiasts who drink many different kinds of alcohol and liqueurs to participate in an upcoming online research study. Focus groups will be held between November 28th and 30th at various times. For this study we are looking for people who live in LA, NYC and CHICAGO. Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes and must be fully complete in order to receive the incentive. You will need to participate from your home, sitting at a table on a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. You will not be able to participate from work or using your phone at all. You may be asked to send in a picture of your current alcohol in order to qualify. Those who qualify and complete this study will receive $175 for their time. If at any point it is determined that you do not qualify, you may be dismissed from the study without pay.