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At Opinions For Cash, we offer music testing opportunities, so you can earn money and hear new tunes. Simply sign up, create a profile, and wait to be matched with the right music testing opportunities.
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Opinions For Cash provides chances for participants to listen to music, get paid, and provide valuable feedback. You’ll get to hear music and share your opinions. Get paid to listen to music from new or current artists, while earning extra money.
How can you listen to music and get paid with Opinions For Cash? It’s simple. Set up a profile, get matched with studies, and offer feedback. We provide a fast and convenient way to get paid to listen and review music.

Ongoing Studies



Fem Care Product Test

We are currently looking for women to participate in an upcoming hybrid online and in person study about feminine care products. Please fill out the survey below and if you qualify for this study, a test product will be mailed to you. Participants will be expected to test this product at home and...





San Antonio Truck Owners

Opinions for Cash is looking for Truck Owners to participate in a research study about future vehicle wants and needs. This is exciting, as your input will be used to influence vehicle offerings in the future. You will have the opportunity to drive prototype vehicles as a part of...

$200 -250


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Online paid surveys offer a way to make money right from home, or anywhere you roam. You can get paid to take surveys on your computer, your favorite coffee shop, or even the beach during your vacation.

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Surveys can also take place in person. These are sometimes part of a focus group, where you get together with a few other selected candidates and talk about a product or service to provide feedback to a company.

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Use your phone to take surveys for money. Telephone surveys are used by many companies conducting market research. Your opinion can help develop products, and bring you some extra cash.

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The best thing about surveys, studies, and focus groups is that they’re easy and interesting, while helping you make some extra money. Companies look for all kinds of people, depending on their specific needs, and plenty of them want opinions from someone just like you.

Get Paid For Your Opinion Online


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Get Paid For Your Opinion Online


Get Paid for Your Opinion

Once the focus group or other study is done, you’ll be paid for your opinions. Surveys to make money can be great ways to supplement your income.

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If you’re not sure whether taking paid surveys and participating in focus groups is right for you, take a look at what some of our happy participants are saying about working with us. We make it easy to earn rewards for your opinions—get paid for surveys and studies by signing up today.

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Still have questions? Our FAQs will give you all the details on taking surveys, participating in studies, and being a part of focus groups for new products and services. Companies need your opinions, and you’ll be compensated for your time.
What is a music test in the context of market research?
A music test is a market research study that evaluates music tracks to gather opinions, preferences, and feedback from participants. These tests are used to inform decisions related to music production and promotion.
How can I become a participant in music tests?
You can participate in music tests by signing up with Opinions For Cash. Create a profile and provide information about your musical preferences to be considered for relevant tests.
How does a music test work?
In a music test, you’ll typically listen to music clips or full songs and provide feedback on various aspects, such as melody, lyrics, instrumentation, and overall appeal. Your opinions help music professionals make informed decisions.