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For the most detailed understanding of a consumer’s behaviors or emotional insights, one-on-one interviews are one of the most effective methods available. Sign up with Opinions For Cash today and get paid for one-on-one interviews.

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When you participate in one-on-one interviews, you will receive compensation as an incentive to share your valuable insights and opinions. Our one-on-one interviews are often 90 minutes or more and can pay more than other studies.

Our Ongoing Studies



Fem Care Product Test

We are currently looking for women to participate in an upcoming hybrid online and in person study about feminine care products. Please fill out the survey below and if you qualify for this study, a test product will be mailed to you. Participants will be expected to test this product at home and...





Children’s Skincare Study

We are currently looking for parents over the age of 25 to participate in an upcoming online research study about children's skincare brands. A research team will be hosting multiple 1 hour online interviews between May 28th and 31st. Interviews will be held at various times throughout the day....





Fitness Study

Teens and adults between the ages of 16 and 55 are currently needed for an upcoming online research study about VR and Fitness. A research team will be hosting multiple online focus groups between May 29th and 30th. Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes. Qualified participants who...





Medicaid Online Interviews

We are currently seeking adults to participate in online interviews on healthcare! These interviews are taking place online on a Zoom-like platform. High Speed internet, webcam & audio capabilities are required to participate. Payments will be sent within 10 days of the last day of the study.



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If you’re not sure whether taking paid surveys and participating in focus groups is right for you, take a look at what some of our happy participants are saying about working with us. We make it easy to earn rewards for your opinions—get paid for surveys and studies by signing up today.

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Still have questions? Our FAQs will give you all the details on taking surveys, participating in studies, and being a part of focus groups for new products and services. Companies need your opinions, and you’ll be compensated for your time.
What is a one-on-one interview?
A one-on-one interview is a research method where a single participant engages in a private, structured conversation with a trained interviewer or researcher to gather insights, opinions, or feedback on specific topics.
What topics are usually explored in one-on-one interviews?
One-on-one interviews can cover a wide range of topics, including product preferences, personal experiences, brand perceptions, and more. The specific interview topics depend on the study’s goals.
How long does a typical one-on-one interview last?
The duration of a one-on-one interview can vary depending on the complexity of the topic and the depth of discussion required. Some interviews may last 30 minutes, while others could extend to an hour or more.