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When you become a participant in in-depth interviews, you will receive compensation as an incentive to share your valuable insights and opinions. Our in-depth interviews are often 90 minutes or more and can pay more than other studies.

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Fem Care Product Test

We are currently looking for women to participate in an upcoming hybrid online and in person study about feminine care products. Please fill out the survey below and if you qualify for this study, a test product will be mailed to you. Participants will be expected to test this product at home and...



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Still have questions? Our FAQs will give you all the details on taking surveys, participating in studies, and being a part of focus groups for new products and services. Companies need your opinions, and you’ll be compensated for your time.
What topics are usually explored in in-depth interviews?
In-depth interviews can cover many kinds of topics, including product feedback, brand perceptions, personal experiences, and more. The specific interview topics depend on the research objectives and client needs.
Is there compensation for participating in in-depth interviews?

Opinions For Cash provides compensation for in-depth interviews that are part of the studies we offer. Financial incentives for your time and insights will be listed on the study descriptions on our website.

How long does a typical in-depth interview last?

In-depth interviews can vary in duration, but they often last longer than standard interviews or surveys. Some may take 30 minutes to an hour or more, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the topic.